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house Physical Address: 1 Milk Run Road
                                     East Durham, NY  12423

house Mailing Address:    PO Box 99
                                    East Durham, NY 12423 

phone icon Phone:  (518) 239-6100 (Non-Emergency)

Chief: Reay Mahler 
Administrator: Rick Stanfield




The Animal Control Officer is appointed by the Durham Town Board to enforce any and all New York State Agriculture and Markets Laws and Local Laws regulating dogs and all other animals listed in the law.

Pursuant to Section 516 of the Real Property Tax Law, Notice is hereby given that the Final Assessment Roll for the Town of Durham, Greene County, NY, for the year 2020, has been completed and verified by the undersigned assessor and a certified copy thereof was filed in the office of the Town Clerk of the Town of Durham at 7309 Route 81, East Durham, NY on the first day of July, 2020, there to remain for public inspection.  

pdf Notice Final Assessment Roll (52 KB)

New York State has changed how property owners register for the STAR (School Tax Relief).

You no longer register with your local Assessor's office you now register with New York State at this link:



The Board of Assessment is appointed by the Town Board, trained and certified through the Office of Real Property.

Generally the Town of Durham "Grievance Day" to meet with the Board of Assessment Review is the 1st Thursday after the 4th Tuesday in May.  The form for challenging your assessment can be obtained at any Assessor's office, the Greene County Real Property Tax Services Office or online at  You may also contact or visit the Town of Durham Assessor's Office for the booklet "A Taxpayer's Guide: How to File for a Review of Your Assessment" and for assistance in completing the form and putting together your challenge.  Once Grievance Day has passed for a particular year, there are no other legal opportunities for changing an assessment and it becomes final for that year.

The Board of Assessment Review will review all applications received on or before Grievance Day and send out their determinations by July 1st.


  • Roger Vaughn


  • Richard Frasco
  • Mary Lou Nahas
  • Michael Allan
  • Brian Goff


The responsibilities for the Assessor's Office involve assessing properties for improvements, demolitions and revaluation of roll. In addition, we maintain assessment roll, files and the roll book. Also, we maintain all current and new property exemptions. 

Forms & Links:

Please visit to obtain current NYS Environmental Review forms and documents.


BUILDING INSPECTOR: receives and reviews building applications, performs inspections, issues certificates of compliance and certificates of occupancy.  


CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER:  is responsible for enforcement of local regulations pertaining to land use, and the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code, and the Flood Prevention Ordinance.  The code enforcement officer also receives and approves all building permits, and performs inspections on building projects.  Additionally, the code enforcement officer is charged with performing periodic fire inspections. 

A Building Permit is required for any work that requires compliance to state or local codes such as but not limited to:

  • All additions to a building
  • sheds
  • decks
  • fences
  • porches (both enclosed and open)
  • interior/exterior renovations structural in nature (such as roofs, new walls, doors and windows, finished basements, plumbing and electrial work)  

It is best to call the Building/Code department to inquire if a permit is needed before the project is started.  

House numbers: New York State building code requires residents to provide emergency vehicles with house numbers that are at least 4 inches in height on the front of every residence.   You will need to contact Greene County 911 at 518-622-2739 if you do not have or don't know your 911 number (Please provide them with your Section Block and Lot for the property).  The Town of Durham will supply the initial house number plate. Should you need a replacement you will need to request one from the building department and there will a replacement fee.

In accordance with the direction of the Chief Administrative Judge and exercising an abundance of caution to protect the health and safety of the public by limiting the assembly of large groups of people due to the Corona Virus/Covid-19 we are not currently holding court proceedings.  If you have been scheduled to appear between 03/17/2020 and 05/30/2020 your court appearance has been adjourned to a future date.  You will receive notification of the adjournment via mail. If the order to close courts is extended beyond May 30, 2020 scheduled appearances will continue to be adjourned, and notices mailed If you are unsure if you are to appear on your scheduled appearance date, please call the court to confirm, leave a message and a call back number.  The court clerk is only in the office on Monday’s until further notice.  .