BUILDING INSPECTOR: receives and reviews building applications, performs inspections, issues certificates of compliance and certificates of occupancy.  


CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER:  is responsible for enforcement of local regulations pertaining to land use, and the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code, and the Flood Prevention Ordinance.  The code enforcement officer also receives and approves all building permits, and performs inspections on building projects.  Additionally, the code enforcement officer is charged with performing periodic fire inspections. 

A Building Permit is required for any work that requires compliance to state or local codes such as but not limited to:

  • All additions to a building
  • sheds
  • decks
  • fences
  • porches (both enclosed and open)
  • interior/exterior renovations structural in nature (such as roofs, new walls, doors and windows, finished basements, plumbing and electrial work)  

It is best to call the Building/Code department to inquire if a permit is needed before the project is started.  

House numbers: New York State building code requires residents to provide emergency vehicles with house numbers that are at least 4 inches in height on the front of every residence.   You will need to contact Greene County 911 at 518-622-2739 if you do not have or don't know your 911 number (Please provide them with your Section Block and Lot for the property).  The Town of Durham will supply the initial house number plate. Should you need a replacement you will need to request one from the building department and there will a replacement fee.